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The Truth Why You Are Not Making Money Online!

Written by Brian D. Hawkins from on June 28th, 2009 | 9 Comments

what are you thinkingAs administrator of I know why most of our member cancellations occur. When we receive a cancellation notice from PayPal I often log in and take a peek at the member’s account. I am no longer surprised when I see dozens of tracking links with very little or, many times, no hits. It’s very common to see fifty trackers and not a single hit on any of them. I hate to be so blunt but, clearly, these are members that had no idea what they where doing and probably gave up. Other cancellations happen when the member doesn’t have adequate funds in their PayPal account and PayPal cancels the payment subscription. Again, a strong indicator that the member isn’t making enough money online. If they are unable to keep less than five dollars in the account there is a good chance they are not enjoying the online success they had hoped.

Here’s where my dilemma comes in. Frankly, there are plenty of people that can and will quickly take the place of the lost members. In business that is common practice – to simply move onto the next member. I’m a little hard-headed on some things and I don’t want to just re-cycle members. I would like to help as many members as I can before they give up. Over six months ago I posted ‘My Personal Offer Of Help‘ and few took advantage of it. That offer still stands. Have a question about what you are doing to earn money online? Just ask!

A huge percentage of our members are having little luck at profiting online. According to our own poll, 45% are not making any money online and another 35% are not even making enough to cover expenses. That’s an 80% failure rate. I keep every member’s information completely private so I will not show any details as to which sites and programs anyone is using but I can make some general observations.

I’ve been around a long time and I went many years struggling to make any money at all using the internet. I would spend eight, ten and even twelve hours a day online without making a penny for months at a time. There are some cold hard truths that I had to face before I began making any steady profit. These are generalizations and many are going to resist and disagree but I truly believe them to be the honest truth.

  1. First, you have to treat your online business just like any other business. It takes commitment, research, and yes, some investment in order to succeed. If you are using only free methods to promote what you are doing then you are doing yourself a huge disservice.
  2. Don’t fall for those marketing emails and online promotions you see everyday. When you hear that marketer say you can earn up to ten thousand a month simply close the page. How do they get away with all the far fetched lies? Look at the disclaimers and you will understand. The truth is that over ninety percent of them are flat broke themselves and have no idea what they are talking about. They are just hoping you are just a little dumber than they are. Hey, someone has to say this!
  3. If you are using a free web hosting page or have no site at all you might want to ask yourself why. Everyone else already knows. How many successful people do you see raking in virtual dollars on Blogspot or some advertisement laced free website? If you can’t see the value of having your own website for just a few dollars a month and your own domain for around ten dollars a year how can you ever convince anyone to buy anything from you?
  4. I am horrified at the programs I see our lost members trying. It’s none of my business and I can’t jump in and scream, “What are you thinking” but I want to. Let me list a few that I believe are a waste of time.
    • FFA: The worst is FFA (Free for All) sites. I highly recommend you stay as far away from these as possible. Don’t sign up for them, don’t promote them and never ever place your site on one. They are simply and completely a waste of time at best. The only people that a FFA works for are the ones that own them.
    • Surfing Sites: I have actually made several thousand dollars from surfing. That is, until the federal government came in and froze everyone’s accounts, shut the sites down and arrested the owner. Most surfing sites are completely legal because money isn’t exchanging hands. If it is, close your account and get away from the site. ALL surfing sites are a waste of time if you are surfing for free exposure. Not a few, not most of them but EVERY SINGLE surfing site you join is another nail in your virtual coffin. I can’t get any clearer than that. Anyone that wants to argue with that needs to prove it or shut up.
    • Cash Gifting Programs: This is another one where you want to scream, “What are you doing!“. Gifting programs are scams. I don’t care what kind of spin or tweak the site tries to put on it to make it legal it’s going to get shut down if the owner doesn’t take the money and run first, which they probably will. Don’t Get Suckered Into Gifting Programs
    • Multi-level Marketing/Pyramid Schemes: This one is going to upset a few people. Sure, there have been a few millionaires made from MLM, I even know a couple of them. Let me just say this: If you have tried other MLM programs in the past with no luck, in all likelihood you won’t do well with the one you are in now. Don’t waste your time. Find something legitimate and real so you can actually make a little money.
    • Forex Scams: Another scam. Never participate in one. Forex scam
    • Ad Blasters: A very shady advertising scam to avoid at all costs. Ad Blasters Are Dag-Blasted Junk!
    • Buying Traffic: Think about it, if someone had an unlimited supply of ‘real‘ traffic why wouldn’t they be the next Google or Yahoo? Instead they’re going to sell it to you at a very deep discount? Come on, you are smarter than that. Buying Traffic Is A Waste Of Time

It’s not just scams that are the problem. Many people do very well with affiliate programs. Most of them already have a respected presence on the net with developed lists and established websites. If you don’t receive a lot of traffic and don’t know how to market yet then I recommend you start learning before you try earning. Very few are going to get rich overnight online.

The truth is it takes a lot of effort, dedication, time and again, an investment. I’m amazed at the people that wonder why they aren’t making money yet they don’t visit their own site for weeks at a time. They golf, go bowling or watch TV every night and check their email a few times a week. That’s not dedication, that’s a person who’s desire is over-ruled by cheap immediate gratification.

Then there are those that are just the opposite. This is where I fell into a few years ago. They spend almost every waking minute working online. Spend thousands of dollars on useless junk that doesn’t work and get no where fast. They eat at the computer, take phone calls and even watch TV while doing online tasks. When they aren’t online they are thinking about their online business yet never make any significant money. Dedication isn’t enough, you have to have an idea as to what you are doing.

One final note: Once you have a legitimate site/program that truly has a profit potential you need to promote it. I don’t mean joining some safelist or tweeting it to death. Your Facebook or MySpace pages may look great but it’s not going to help. You need to learn where your buyers are and promote to them where they are at. You need targeted traffic for your sales page. Your sales page needs to be designed properly for your specific target market. You need to have an entire system setup that works for your niche and product. These are the things to concentrate on and learn about. Wasting your time on some guru’s affiliate program is just slowing you down if you don’t already have your system established.

I didn’t write this post to bash anyone or to blow off steam. I just want to help our members get what they are looking for and I apologize if I have offended anyone. I’m hear to help. If you need help with your online business see My Personal Offer Of Help or go directly to Just Ask Someone and ask away.

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9 Responses to “The Truth Why You Are Not Making Money Online!”

  1. Janice Willingham


    That blog post hit home. I was one of the people who did not take advantage of your offer for help. I may have missed it, but it wouldn’t have mattered. I think for me, although I am trying to make money online I am not at the point where I know what questions to ask. I know I’m not successful, but I can’t really articulate a question to where I can get some assistance with my efforts. So, I keep plugging away.

    I have finally learned that you do need a system. I haven’t conquered that yet or devised one that I can actually perform without procrastinating, spending a lot of money or even staying focused on to accomplish my goals. I’ve attended several bootcamp seminars for traffic generation, product creation, CPA offers and even article marketing. Still, I find myself overwhelmed by the information, the time and effort involved and having to learn how to perform certain tasks in order to make the others work.

    Really, what I have found is that it is a daunting task to get involved in online marketing. It just seems that you need to come prepared with more than a dream an desire but a system or plan on how to make it all work.

    Recently, being able to ask someone who claims success online questions, networking with other online marketers from forums and then being able to see and study someone else’s website or system without having to pay them to do it or even having to pay them for giving me the information has been very good at allowing me to at least understand that I need a system. In fact, it’s been the best thing to happen to me.

    It’s obvious to me that I need a map that shows me exactly what I need to do when launching any online endeavor. It is slowly coming into place, but I still need more help and understanding on what I’m doing.

    I think that just reading an e-book or obtaining a system without an ongoing dialogue with the person who sold you the goods or someone that is successful that is aware of what you are doing and what you are working with so they are available to answer your questions when they crop up.

    I guess I haven’t take advantage of your offer (and this is not a slam) is because I’m not sure you can help when you do not know what I’m working on if you not actually looking over my shoulder so to speak to guide me accordingly. I may be wrong about this, but you can tell me why that’s just how I feel.

    So, since you have put it out there. I am going to take you up on your offer. I’ve been a fan of your for years now. I think you’ve very knowledgeable and talented in your own right. You’ve always been available and receptive when I’ve contacted you. So, the fault is mine without giving you a chance. With that in mind I will be in touch. Thanks for the offer of assistance and the great share.

  2. Janice Willingham

    I have a question Brian. Are you doing any podcasts or even thinking about it? Thanks.

  3. Brian D. Hawkins

    Hi Janice, It’s very nice to hear from you. Truthfully, you are further ahead of those I was referring to. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers. Just like you I have too many questions to put into a short form. I could spend hours with someone that could help consult and guide me through my steps to achieve the goals I have set. The two of us are at the same stage in that respect.

    The members I’m concerned with are those jumping on the programs that most of us have known for a long time to be a waste of time at best. In fact, I’m seeing several moving from bad to worse by using our trackers in spamming campaigns. Those members are deleted of course but it’s frustration to watch.

    My offer of help is to put the member’s question to Extreme Ezine subscribers. It’s not the perfect solution but hopefully they can help guide a few members in the right direction. I understand the frustration of spending valuable time setting everything up and not receiving a single hit. I would like to help those members before they give up.

    I have considered podcasting but wouldn’t know how to start. I installed a plugin on one of my blogs but it didn’t seem to work that great.

  4. Brenda Franzo

    Excellent post Brian! I love the fact that you just told it like it really is…and I agree with every point in this post. Believe me, I’ve “been there, done that” with not much success until it all finaly sunk in, I needed my own site(s) and a system! It’s a business, not a hobby.

    The more you learn, the more you earn!

  5. Brian D. Hawkins

    Thanks Brenda, that’s a great way to put it,”It’s a business, not a hobby”. I just want to help some of the members on the wrong track. So far there has not been a response but we’ll see how it goes.

  6. Ad Tracker

    I agree 100% with what you have said, i feel a bit ashamed to say that i tried the ‘get 1000s of visitors’ advertising and i have to say that the bounce rate was 100% not ONE visitor stayed on the site. Also if you don’t have traffic of course you are not going to make money traffic is extremely important to a website as you mentioned. If your ad tracker does not have traffic you can kiss any chance of making money goodbye. I would say that the best form of online advertising that i have discovered personally is using a search engine with an ad tracking tool to stop ineffective ads and continue with successful ads. Very relevant blog

  7. Brian D. Hawkins

    Thanks Mike, a lot of people don’t understand the importance of bounce rate. I’d rather have one visitor like you than thousands of hit and runs.

  8. Brian D. Hawkins

    @Janice We have several great responses to your question. Check it out and feel free to comment if you like:

    Just Ask – Article Marketing And Site Promotion

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